Samsung May Not Pursue Slidable Phones, But Its Competitors Might Need To

Samsung May Not Pursue Slidable Phones, But Its Competitors Might Need To

Although Samsung Display is try out various form factors and use situations for its state-of-the-art collapsible display technology, at the very least one expert thinks that the company has no rate of passion in developing industrial slidable phones. Additionally, because Samsung has a limited hold on the collapsible telephone market as it's, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers may be the ones to explore slidable phones before Samsung does, trying to stand apart in a fairly monopolized market space.

CEO and top expert of UBI Research, Yi Choong-hoon, thinks that the collapsible and slidable telephone markets overlap. In transform, this makes it "challenging for slidable phones to produce their own market." And because of this, Samsung "appears unenthusiastic in slidable phones." (via The Korea Herald)

Rather than pursuing new form factors, the expert thinks that Samsung will proceed concentrating on collapsible phones "for some time."

One reason Samsung may proceed concentrating on the collapsible form factor instead compared to exploring slidable devices is that the previous design really feels much less complicated, i.e., more consumer-friendly. Individuals recognize with the book-like form factor, and turn phones have been about for ages.

Well worth keeping in mind is that LG had a slidable telephone (almost) ready for the marketplace, called LG Rollable. However, the company retreated from the mobile section before it could launch it worldwide, and just a handful of LG workers obtained the opportunity to have the Rollable.

Chinese collapsible mobile phone manufacturers might never ever have the ability to overtake Samsung

Although several OEMs from China have tried to challenge Samsung's supremacy over the arising collapsible telephone market and have launched more collapsible phones to contend, these initiatives might fail, says the expert.

"Samsung Display has secured unparalleled competitiveness, particularly on related licenses and manufacturing know-how. It will not be easy for Chinese competitors to contend head-on."

However, as a way to combat Samsung's supremacy, the expert thinks that Chinese OEMs might eventually look for to develop and launch slidable phones to differentiate themselves from the marketplace leader. However, he thinks that "the marketplace potential [for slidable phones] appears limited."

When it comes to Samsung exploring various other form factors, the company may be equally reluctant to use slidable display technology for laptop computers. However, it may use this technology for tablet computer PCs, as "the entrance obstacle appears less than various other devices." Which eventually could imply that we may see a slidable tablet computer from Samsung before we see a slidable mobile phone. Samsung Display showcased a large 13-17-inch slidable screen for tablet computer PCs at the Intel Development Keynote 2022.

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